Portable Dog Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated is essential for your pup! Dogs' body temperature is higher than that of humans, so keeping water available to them at all times is a must. 

This 250ml travel water bottle is perfect for your canine companion. It's small enough to carry in a backpack or hold in your hand, while also holding enough water to keep Fido hydrated. 

The dog water bottle made with a high-quality, food-grade ABS & PC material, BPA-free. Strong and durable, it won't break easily even if you accidentally dropped it.

The portable water bottle comes in four different color options: green, blue, yellow, and pink. 

The bottle has a lock key to keep water from leaking while not in use and to easily release H2O when your dog gets thirsty. It's perfectly designed for camping, hiking, long walks, and travel. 

Volume: 250ml
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Material: Other
Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink